What are the advantages of using a POS system over a Cash Register?

Replacing cash registers with a point of sale system can save you time and money. The correct point of sale system will decrease labor hours and help you balance your staffing needs as well as maintain and regulate your product pricing. It also has simple to use reporting feature that will give you a snapshot of how your business is doing monthly, daily and even by the hour.

Why manage your business with a cash register, notebook, pen, paper and a calculator. It will take you hours to find out the annual sales, or sales by hour, or even calculate the revenue versus employee expenses. And even better than that, you daily closing report is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Say goodbye to matching up handwritten receipts to find discrepancies. A good point of sale system can figure this information out with one click of a mouse.

How will a POS Consultant benefit my business?

POS Consulting is a service that many businesses probably feel they don’t need, even though it can provide a myriad of benefits. A good POS Consultant will help you design an overall business plan and create marketing strategies to implement. POS Consultants will take time to get to know your business and take time to guide you in the process.

Why choose International Retail over another POS Consultant/Provider?

Over 15 years experience in the ever evolving highly competitive caribbean market. We have worked with and currently have clients in different aspects of business including retail, wholesale, and service. We can customize our software to generate reports and analyze data to provide you with vital information, everything from sales figures to your top selling items, and much more. We will help you implement tried and tested methods that will increase the productivity and profitability of your business. While our system has proven reliability, it’s always good to know that Technical and Logistical support is within reach. International Retail is based in South Florida with a Support person based in Antigua, so we are never far off.

In addition, our POS systems are very user friendly and easy to set up; training usually takes about an hour and the installation can be completed within 24 hours. We provide the highest standard of POS hardware and software at very competitive prices. In fact, we guarantee the lowest prices on Datalogic bar code readers and mobile devices.

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